For the second of our two part series on stem cells, we interview Dr. Tiago Gonçalves, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He studies the formation of adult-born neurons in the dentate gyrus, the site of neurogenesis in the adult brain, and how these neurons integrate into the existing circuitry. We continue our conversation on neural stem cells by featuring Dr. Gonçalves’ research on the process of neurogenesis, and how he studies these questions in his lab. We also explore what role the generation of new neurons might have in exercise, disease, and even depression. But what about the future of the field? What else can we attain with stem cells? Can we rebuild neuronal circuits? And how does this all apply to humans boosting our own neurogenesis? Answering these questions may just help us figure out how to keep our brains sharper a little longer.

Dr. Tiago Gonçalves


Dr. Joanna Krzyśpiak


Ilana Vasilisa Deyneko