NeurOnAir Team

Joanna Krzyspiak


Şeydanur Tıkır

Head of Marketing

Aravind Krishna

Content Manager

Tori Lovallo

Audio Master

Heather Snell

Social Media Supervisor

Vasilisa Deyneko

Visual Designer

Jaslin Kalra

Marketing Assistant

Dylan Festa

Audio Editor

Team Roles

Executive Board

NeurOnAir executive board consists of four positions. Members can take on specific roles under each executive.
Chairperson:  Joanna Krzyspiak
Marketing executive: Seydanur Tikir
Content director:  Aravind Krishna
Audio master:  Tori Lovallo


– Initiates and facilitates all group meetings
– Creates and maintains the project’s mission and vision 
– Maintains membership morale
– Schedules/secures rooms as appropriate
– Meets regularly with NeurOnAir advisors to ensure alignment with Department goals and legal matters
– Documents budget-related matters and purchases
– Upholds the constitution
– Plans end of year banquet

Marketing Executive

– Makes creatives intended for our target audience
– Oversees and maintains an attractive, user-friendly and informative website
– Oversees all social media activity
– Plans events and gatherings for marketing
– Responsible for campus wide advertising
– Linking PIs/guests, and obtaining their approval for use of their information and photos on our website and social media accounts
– Manages social media team members, overseeing their work and offering guidance or direction
– Publishes episodes regularly
– Submits podcasts to podcast platforms
– Summarize podcast listening statistics monthly
– Develops marketing strategies

Content Manager

– Responsible for generation of episode ideas/ plans for execution
– Ensures consistent flow of episode output
– Oversees host progress 
– Consults hosts on appropriate conduct 
– Consults hosts on goal of episode and content ideas
– Oversees story editing
– Responsible for episode creation training/ interview training
– Responsible for securing interviewees and hosts
– Responsible for supporting the hosts

Audio Master

– Responsible for training equipment use (microphone and audition software)
– Responsible for decisions surrounding equipment
– Responsible for main audio edits and sound effects
– Responsible for creating interesting and varied introductory bits