Episodes & Guests

Episodes 1 & 2 

Jonathan Alpert, MD, PhD

A Window into Depression

Episode 3 

Martin Chalfie, PhD

GFP: Lighting Up Life
Hosts:  Joanna and Heather
Episode release date:
March 1, 2021, Monday 

Episode 4 

Larry Abbott, PhD

A Glimpse into the Neural Code: Theoretical Neuroscience
Hosts:  Şeydanur and Oren 
Episode release date:
April 5, 2021, Monday

Episode 5 

Zoe Donaldson, PhD

The Neurobiology of Love and Loss
Hosts:  Joanna and Şeydanur
Episode release date:
May 3, 2021, Monday

Episode 6 

Marija Kundakovic, PhD

Sex-Specific Chromatin Dynamics in the Brain
Hosts:  Tori and Claire
Episode release date:
June 7, 2021, Monday

Episode 7 

Deanna L. Benson, PhD

Reevaluating Parkinson’s as an Age-Related Disease 
Hosts:  Joanna and Riana
Episode release date:
Januay 3, 2021, Monday

Episode 8 

Magdalena Götz, PhD

Rewiring the Mind: The Art of Brain Regeneration and Repair
Hosts:  Joanna and Vasilisa
Episode release date:
October 2, 2023