Aravind Krishna

Content Director
Aravind Krishna is a Neuroscience PhD candidate at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the laboratory of Dr. Adam Kohn. He is interested in understanding how different areas of the brain coordinate and communicate with each other resulting in sensory perception. Using the visual system as a model, he studies how activity patterns across populations of neurons from two or more regions change with respect to spatial and temporal context in visual stimuli.
On weekends, he enjoys hiking in forests and mountains, or going on long bike rides if the weather permits. He equally enjoys sleeping and playing video games. 
Aravind is the content manager for the podcast. His main role involves helping new and experienced hosts ask the “right” questions and help them knit a good story.
“Scientific communication can often be prohibitive even to fellow scientists, let alone the general audience. By increasing the modalities of science communication, we can make science more accessible. Who doesn’t like listening to stories? This podcast is one such attempt.”
~ Aravind Krishna