Şeydanur Tıkır​

Head of Marketing
Şeydanur is a Neuroscience PhD Candidate who is exploring how the brain creates and updates predictions based on the changes in our environment at the Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab. Her goal is to find novel ways to foresee and diagnose psychiatric conditions, such as autism, using an interdisciplinary approach including neuroscience, computer science, and psychology.
Outside of the lab, you’ll find her podcasting as another creative outlet, enjoying nature through hiking & biking, participating in science outreach projects, and creating web design. She is honing her entrepreneurial skills to find creative solutions that benefit society in projects involving the Internet of Things and AI.
Although she is currently working as a cognitive computational neuroscientist, in a previous life, she worked with sea slugs. To study their giant neurons, her lab used a dynamic clamp, which she is sitting next to in the photo at thr right. Little did she know that she’d one day interview its inventor, Dr. Larry Abbott, who is featured in this month’s podcast episode that she co-hosted! 
“I think today’s psychiatry needs to be revolutionized to bring a more systematic approach that is not bound by conventional disease categories. That requires integrating information from multiple levels including neuroscience, genetics, and behavior, with the use of computational science. This is why I have designed my training to encompass such an interdisciplinary background. ”  ~ Şeydanur