Tori Lovallo

Audio Master
Tori is a science enthusiast and soon-to-be med student. Previously at Einstein, she studied the neural connection between the cerebellum and structures of the reward system in the laboratory of Dr. Kamran Khodakhah, a study with significant implications for understanding substance use disorders. 
Tori spends her days reading, writing, walking her dog and playing piano. She’s interested in medicine, nutrition, and the brain. She likes to dedicate her life to helping people and making cool things.
Tori also designed the NeurOnAir logo, and she works her magic to bring you engaging audio for NeurOnAir! 

“Having all the facts isn’t enough, it’s knowing how to interpret the facts that will help the public make better decisions. This is where science communication steps in. I joined this podcast to help scientists and nonscientists alike think about science and to communicate with them what science is finding!” ~Tori